Saturday, 2 May 2009

Oh, this I forget...

Anathallo's track - "All The First Pages" off Canopy Glow is a tune! 

Lyrics, music, everything in that song is perfect. Even cooler that it's about the astronaut Neil Armstrong losing his finger, or was it a thumb? (google it = finger)!!! Using a mouth organ/harmonica as a "drone" is probably the greatest idea to happen since Terminator. The singing as well, jeez! I don't think I have heard better singing in a song since Boston's "More Than a Feeling"! Big time waffles! 

Don't really understand what the cover to Canopy Glow is about. It is a little depressing I think. Maybe when the band decide to play at my house and let me go on tour with them, I will ask them. And then tell them to re-release the album with better artwork. 

This man is a legend (sadly, no reattached finger shown) 

Handsome fellow. Anyway, point of blog is to add this to the "Summer Compilation" seen below as this song is beautiful, energetic, folk-pop-fantasticness. So believe me when I say this song is great. 

Houston, we have found 'song of the year'. Hahahahahahahaha :( 

Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Good, late afternoon!

Hello and welcome to my blog. Blogged by myself, Alex Steward. I guess a tiny introduction is needed. Yes? O.k. I am Alex, I like music, films, books, cakes and looking at photos. I create music. I watch films. I read books. I eat cakes. I look at and take photos. I live a lonely but almost wonderful life out in the sticks. Hoping one day to live in the city before moving to Canada. 

So a few months back, after realising a few people I know have a blog of their own, and me thinking it seems like a fun thing to do, the idea popped up like bread from a toaster; why not have my own blog. Good idea I thought! But what on earth am I going to write about. This left me puzzled for quite some months but today whilst mopping floors I thought I will take this seriously and some actual (lame) ideas came to mind. Some ideas that I had; cakes and baking (actually my sister bakes, I just like to eat them, she makes a amazingly amazing lemon & lime cake!). Seeing as I am an avid fan of music I thought of having a little zine kinda thing, where I interview and review bands. But seeing as I suck at English and lack confidence, I thought "NO". Ha! Ok so not many ideas, but I settled on a "art" kind of thang. Like reviews on music I am currently listening to (old & new), films I have seen, photographers I like, books I have read and such.. 
My first contribution to this blog is going to be a summer compilation (lame I know) but seeing as I am sat outside as the sun sets and rises somewhere else, with a cigarette in my mouth and contemplating having a Cider or not I thought it would be a averagely good idea. So here, in all its glory is my top 10 2009 summer "feel good, I want to dance around a barbecue in my skivvies" track listing.

1. Nag Champa by Enemies.
2. Run Into Flowers by M83
3. Thought I Was by Rainer Maria 
4. Strawberry Letter by Shuggie Otis
5. Crushed Bones by Why?
6. Fishing The Sky by The Appleseed Cast
7. Oh Messy Life - Cap'n Jazz
8. No Ones Gonna Love You by Band of Horses
9. Fantastic Apparatus by Dartz!
10. A Golden Fire by Diamond Family Archive

Ok, so I haven't given a description to these as it'll take up way too much space and time as this has taken me nearly an hour already and I gots things to do. Sadly you can't actually listen to the tracks above as I have not provided links but you should at least search them and give them a quick listen. 

Thanks for checking my utterly useless blog, I will update this as much as possible with things I like. Keep safe & eat Peas.